Chain-Breakers Vision:

The establishment of a nation-wide network of Chain-Breakers chapters working tirelessly to affect a national reduction in juvenile criminal recidivism and juvenile justice system reform in both policy, facility and access is the envisioned horizon.

As a community of Chain-Breakers we finish up the message of Christ's love presented in so many Sunday Services to with, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. We get behind the walls to break the chains; neither criticizing, condemning, or convicting, but crafting a model of companionship-in-crisis within their hearts.

Chain-Breakers vision is to see the rate of recidivism reduce in the United States in the Juvenile Correctional Facilities and the Adult Facilities by sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the youth in the youth facilities.

By following Jesus' example by adopting them as sinners into our lives and loving them as Jesus would we can make a difference in their lives. Our mission is not to convert them to Christianity but to allow them to see what Christianity is without conviction.

Juvenile Criminal Recidivism is the target. Utilizing all the tools in the toolbox, such as consistent visitation, advocacy, legal assistance, faith disciplines, media, community organization, finances, awareness events, lobby, love, education, post-jail release programs, life application skills development and coaching are just a few of the tools available to American citizens to reign in juvenile crime and nurture healing and maturity. As Americans we have failed these youths left to themselves to define life without a model.

So, as a community of Chain-Breakers we passionately look outward and among ourselves ever seeking to lay hold of those things and persons needful to break the shackles holding young lives hostage. The American spirit deliberate and passionate; raging against their night and setting our future free.